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Patrick Swinton

Hi, I'm Patrick Swinton. Welcome to my profile!

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Patrick Swinton is a highly skilled technology sales person, sales manager and leader that has developed high performance teams that sold technology solutions. I have broad experience managing within a large global organization. Versatile leader with a proven record of driving operational excellence delivering outstanding sales and financial performance. Technology enthusiast and advocate. My technical knowledge and interests are in: Embedded Computing, Embedded Branded Solutions(Dell, HP, IBM), Integrated Custom Computing Solutions, Microsoft Embedded, ARM, ARM Server, Linux, Android, i Of things, Machine2Machine, IaaS, PaaS, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Digital Signage, DOOH, Social Supply Chain, Driving Business Plus other disruptors and interrupters. Specialties: Selling and advocating as well as managing teams that sold Embedded Computing, Microsoft Embedded software, Name Brand or Branded computing solutions(Dell,HP, IBM), Custom Embedded Computing Solutions, Selling Cloud, M2M, Long-Life and Integrated Customized off-the shelf products and Services. Strengths: Solution selling Skilled relationship manager Customer Service leader Proven talent developer and coach Results driven performer Excellent team building skills I am also avid owner of Harley Davidson Motor Cycles and crazy about my 2nd best friend "Diezel" our 100lbs Giant Breed German Shepherd Dog. Patrick Swinton

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Technology, German Shepherds, Harley Davidson MC's and Electric Guitars

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